and we’re on the home stretch! Having heroically overcome burnout (lmao), I am back to twice-a-week updates, hopefully in perpetuity until the story finishes or we are all dead.

I did a little bit of housekeeping this afternoon and cleaned up the site’s look, which broke everything briefly, so another special thanks to Webmaster/Code Lord Milo (no relation to Other Milo) for cleaning up my mess and being such a cool guy.

One such item of housekeeping was adding the entirety of Doomsday’s social media presence to the right sidebar. As you can see, it now has an Instagram, which is as useless as it sounds, but my cousin told me I should do it and she’s smart. She even has a baby.

Thank you for your unending patience and all the support in these fucked up times. I will try to continue doing my best by you, and I hope you enjoy how the story plays out!