Abner Kecket
Abner has spent most of his life being stomped on by people bigger and stronger than himself. Compounding this problem is the fact that he is a Carrier of the blood plague, a trait that reared its ugly head when he hit puberty at fourteen. His speech impediment often prevents him from speaking his mind, or speaking at all, and he tends to find himself shuffled along with whatever the stronger personalities around him decide to do. He is 19 years old, a fugitive, and in love with Poe Zahra. Voice Notes: High tenor, softspoken and breathy, northern Illinois accent with a slight Londoner affect. Nearly-debilitating stammer (obv).

Poe Zahra
Poe is known for her quiet intelligence and low-key personality; the phrase "still waters run deep" describes her very well most of the time. Though usually quite even-tempered, she has a tendency to lash out when put under too much stress, and is also something of an escape artist when it comes to living with her Aunt Kesi. Her mother Celeste died while she was still in secondary school, and she has never met her father. She is 20 years old, and in love with Abner Kecket. Voice Notes: Alto, gentle and with a musical quality. London dialect with hints of Bristol.

Cyril Young
Born on May 21st, 1957, Cyril has been an insufferable prick for most of his life. After growing up in Durham, England, he made his living as a spy in the USSR in the late 70s and 80s, and was placed in a cushy desk job with lots of authority over his peers after the fall of the Soviet Union. Since adolescence, he has been using a blue contact lens to hide the green eye that marks him as a Carrier of the blood plague, but as of recently it has not proven so successful. It is possible that his brother's death in 1984 has colored his existence a certain way, but he was an asshole before then so it's debatable. Cyril is 43 and hates everyone except Simon and Garfunkel. Voice Notes: High tenor, harsh and slightly nasal, full of energy. Careful London dialect occasionally interrupted by northern/Durham inflection.

Narissa Gillingham
Dignified, crafty, and one swanky old lady, there's really no questioning how Miss Gillingham was competent enough to make her way up to the position of Prime Minister... but the jury's still out on how she managed it with her radical views on Plague Carriers. Aside from that, not much is known about her personal history; she is mostly defined by her ambition, though those who interact with her are aware that there's something strange about her they can't quite put their finger on. Miss Gillingham finds it unladylike to disclose her age, and she loves victory. Voice Notes: High alto, very high-class received pronunciation, dry-sounding and a bit raspy in the most distinguished way.

Chester Bowden
Chet is a man of mixed Palestinian and British heritage who goes through life with a smirk on his mouth and a song in his heart. He is known amongst the other guards for his smarmy but good-natured sense of humor, as well as a perceived incompetence on the job. He has been in the military since dropping out of school, and has somehow managed to maintain his position in spite of (or perhaps because of) being something of a company whipping boy. Nothing ever seems to phase him, and his coworkers either love him or want to repeatedly slam his face into a wall. Chester is 44 years old and was once in love with a woman named Celeste. Since her death, he has found a new soulmate named Booze. Voice Notes: Low tenor/high baritone, smooth and lilting, good-humored. London dialect.

Kesi Zahra
Kesi has spent the last couple decades as second-in-command to Cyril Young, but was recently promoted in light of his disappearance. Extremely dutiful and known for a stoic, no-nonsense attitude, Kesi has a reputation for being the one to get the dirty work done. She is Poe's aunt. Kesi is 46 and we can't be certain if she likes anything because she never smiles. Voice Notes: Low alto, softspoken and grumbly (when she isn't yelling). Bristol dialect with certain London affects.

Esperanza (Espy) Cortez
A native of Barcelona, Esperanza emigrated to London with her family in the late 60s in order to escape fascist Spain. Not much is known about her yet, other than she enjoys a good joke, loves to sing, and is quite dedicated to her job. Espy is 38 and is profoundly unsubtle about her crush on Chester. Voice Notes: High alto/mezzo-soprano, somewhat monotone and relaxed. Spanish accent, Barcelona dialect.

Milo Chabert
Poor Milo. He's a babyfaced early thirties, hails from Montreal, and owns a gay pub near Tottenham Court, which is also where he stores his ridiculously extensive collection of firearms and war memorabilia. Regardless of the success of his bar, a high percentage of his spare cash is made selling drugs and dealing in the black market; whether his hippie-like sensibilities are a front or exist in spite of the fact is left to be determined. Although Cyril seems to have hand-chosen him as second-in-command for whatever horrible plans are to come, Milo knows that the most important things in life are peace, love, and feelin' groovy. Voice Notes: Tenor, speaks in the back of his throat and often sounds tired. His accent is Canadian, dialect Quebecois.

Sam Burkhart
Sam is somebody who always has something to say and can rarely say it politely. She grew up with her single Scottish mother in New Jersey, but moved to London when her parents decided to reunite. After spending some maladjusted time getting through a British secondary school, she had a falling out with her family and has since been shacking up with a man of dubious origins named Jens. Sam is 20 years old and likes marijuana a lot. She is very close friends with Abner, Poe, and David. Voice Notes: High-pitched, at times piercing, almost childlike soprano, New Jersey accent.

Dr. Martin Blackwell
We don't know much about the good doctor yet, except that he lives with the Prime Minister and is decidedly full of sass. We also know that he's in charge of genetic testing being performed on captive Carriers. Voice Notes: Baritone, a slow and calculating speaker, with careful enunciation. Kent (Dover) dialect.

Patrick Burkhart
Patrick Burkhart is a native of Scotland who works as a guard in the Prime Minister's special forces. While generally a fun person to be around, he likes to have his way, and is also quite enthusiastic about the recent turn of political events. He has a wife that he rarely talks about and an estranged daughter, "Sammy", who ran away several years back. Patrick is 39 and loves his job. Voice Notes: Baritone, languid and a bit gravelly, with a vague northern dialect.

David Vane
A quintessential Rich Kid, complete with wealthy (albeit divorced) parents and a mansion out in the country. For this reason, it's something of a surprise that he is Abner's best friend, but he is as warm and devoted a friend as they come. After the capture of his father, he was conscripted into the military, where he schemes with Sam and Poe to get the hell out of here. Dave is 20 years old and loves his own reflection, and also girls. Voice Notes: Mid-tenor, chill and collected, with a London (Hackney) dialect.

Rosemarie Keys
A precocious university student with an affinity for seemingly every subject that can be taught, Rose nonetheless ditched school to join the resistance against Gillingham's regime. With unbridled enthusiasm and an intensity of purpose, she can be a bit offputting to people who aren't on her level. Few people are; she's kind of a weirdo. Rosemarie is 19 years old and loves her brother and ballet and sociology and revolution and rainbows and Voice Notes: A breathy, kind of silky mezzo-soprano that raises in pitch the more excited she gets.

Logan Keys
The twin brother of Rosemarie, who has always enjoyed keeping their appearances as similar as possible despite their size difference. Logan is very low-key and cheerful, but has convictions where he needs them. For the most part he lets Rose speak for both of them, partially because she's a steamroller and partially because he agrees with most of what she has to say. Logan is 19 years old and loves his sister, bright colors, and helping people feel happy and safe. Voice Notes: A similar quality to Rose's, but a medium tenor. A bit sing-song.

Tristan Faris
Tristan has seen some shit. Originally from France, he was stranded in London with his family when Heathrow was locked down, and the violence resulting from the election riots left him alone and badly traumatized. He has kept his emotions bottled inside, he distrusts just about everyone, and he continues to hang around Rosemarie and Logan because they keep him company and make him feel needed. He is very protective of the women in his life, which lately has extended to Kisha and Rose, to a somewhat unhealthy degree. Tristan is 21 years old and everyone he loves is dead. Voice Notes: Low tenor, alternates between quiet and screaming with little in between. A bit hoarse and nasal.

Kisha Benedejcic
Nobody knows much about Kisha apart from that she apparently sees visions of the future in her dreams, has a propensity toward staring off into nothing, and seems benevolent. She is originally from Serbia, but certain portraiture betrays that she lived with Narissa for at least a portion of her life. Kisha is in her early fifties probably, and she loves all of humankind and bunnies. Voice Notes: High alto, airy, often sounds like she can't remember what she was about to say or is thinking about something else entirely.

Ilya Petrovich Donkov
A sniper from Russia, who allegedly spent some time at a facility in Siberia similar to Paradiso. Few people know that he's in London, and his reasons for being here have not yet been made known. He seems like a pretty decent dude, though. Donkov is in his late forties, and he loves cooking. Voice Notes: Brusque and not very emotive. He sounds angry most of the time, even when he doesn't mean to. Mid-baritone.

Dootsy a cat. She enjoys eating raw meat and mice when she can catch them, but her favorite thing to do is fall asleep on people at times that are inconvenient for them. She doesn't know who her parents are, and her favorite person is Abner because he is deathly allergic to her. Voice Notes: A low mellow meow with clearly defined vowels. Her purr is loud and rattling.

We don't know a lot about Jens except that he didn't speak English terribly well, came to London from some northern European country, and loved his hard drugs more than he loved Sam, who was his girlfriend until she was taken and he was shot in the face. It wasn't the best way to go, but at least he doesn't have to stick around for the rest of it. Voice Notes: He was Dutch and had a thick Amsterdam accent. [DECEASED]

Charles O'Leary
Poor guy never could catch a break. [DECEASED]

Somewhat of a ringleader for the girls in the barracks, or at least the mouthiest of them. She has her own life to live but helps out with Poe and Sam's bullshit when she can. In a relationship with Fiona.

A softhearted girl who lives in the barracks with Sam and Poe, and has taken to the latter in particular as something of a role model. She is best friends with Sarah and in a relationship with Callie.

One of the barracks girls, Fiona's best friend and amiable sassmouth.

Quiet girl who lives in the barracks and mostly keeps to herself, though she's always there to lend a hand when mischief is afoot.