Chapter 14 is now over, which means the story is going into E N D G A M E

For Doomsday’s “finale” I am going to 1) take the summer off and 2) diverge from the twice-weekly updates to give myself all the time I need so each page can look exactly how I want it. Updates will be a few pages at a time, most likely.

Please note: Patreon subscribers will still see pages go up as I finish them, so if you want to get on that wagon you can click here or navigate to the Patreon button on the rightmost sidebar.

There are two more chapters in total, with the last one being more of a denouement. So hold on tight, my dears, because the last twelve years are about to pay off with some narrative results.
It’s hard to believe this story will be concluded within the next ~year and a half, but that’s the plan and I think I can do it! Thank you for your support. (and let your friends know that now’s a great time to start reading)